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When I started individual sessions with Helen, I was in poor shape: no stamina, lack of strength, knee, back, arm and shoulder problems, and a growing lack of confidence in my sense of balance. I was 65 but felt much older. A few weeks later, these issues were starting to reverse, and a few months later, they had gone: I now feel 20 years younger, strong, pain-free, with a renewed sense of wellbeing and confidence.

And this is all because…Helen is extremely knowledgeable yet constantly eager to learn, she combines a rigorous science-based approach with an understanding of what makes people tick, and as a psychologist myself, I’m awed by her ability to communicate and motivate in a warm, caring and humorous way. In short, Helen is a top-class fitness expert as well as a lovely person and I highly recommend working with her.

E, Chenies, Hertfordshire


“In Helen I have found the perfect support I need to get healthy after having two babies. Her knowledge in all aspects of nutrition, health, fitness and the body is better than any other Personal Trainer I have worked with before.

Helen quickly identified any issues I had that had prevented me from achieving my goals in the past and provided me with a programme to finally help steer me in the right direction. Helen provides just the right balance of discipline and understanding and I have never enjoyed getting fit so much!

It’s a great reassurance to know that if do have an injury or muscular pain, Helen can combine a fitness session with therapy too, and she always helps resolve the problem. I fully recommend 1:1 sessions and the outside group fitness sessions are challenging but so much fun too. If you want to make a positive change in your life, Helen is such a great influence to support you to get to where you want to be.”

Catherine Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire


Having suffered from severe groin, lower back and shoulder pain for a over a year, which refrained me from power walking or jogging, I began treatment with Helen to see if the bio-mechanics would help me. Within a very short time, having religiously done the exercises Helen prescribed each week, the pain reduced dramatically and the improvement in my fitness function was dramatic.

Helen’s expertise in assessing and correcting my body imbalances has now given me a much stronger and open body and I am now exercising on a regular basis with no chronic pain whatsoever.

Annette Owen, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


I originally went to see Helen for a sports massage when training for the London Marathon and suffering from niggly glutes. As well as relieving the pain through massage and manipulation, Helen also looked at my biomechanics and assessed my gait. She gave me strengthening exercises to compliment my marathon training and reduce the risk of future injury. She also looked at my training plan and made some suggestions as well as giving me advice regarding nutrition and fueling. In essence, Helen provides the whole package! As a qualified sports massage therapist myself, I am very very picky but would whole heartedly recommend Helen – she has been an absolute god send for me!

Jude, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


I’ve always seen chiropractors and osteopaths when I have had back problems, and they have fixed the immediate problem, but I’ve always wanted to find someone who could really get to the bottom of why my problems kept recurring, and to stop them from doing so. And I found that person in Chorleywood!

I first went to see Helen in April 2016 when I was having pain in my right shoulder – caused when I took a jumper off over my head (!). She gave me some exercises and stretches – targeting my shoulder but also mobility in my back – within 24 hours my shoulder was feeling better, and I got back to swim training with my swimming club within a week or two. Since then I’ve seen her on a regular basis and we have gradually worked our way through all my problems – right shoulder, back, left hip, knees, achilles – I was a wreck! I occasionally get a flare up of a problem but we quickly identify what caused it and get it sorted out with a combination of massage therapy and exercises/stretches.

Janet, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire


I first came to see Helen after breaking my ankle back in 2015. She not only helped me enormously with the rehab, but she also worked to identify the likely causes which had made me more vulnerable to this injury. Since recovering, I have taken up ballroom and latin dancing very seriously including competing. I have never danced before and Helen has worked with me on strength and flexibility in order to be able to not only make much greater progress with dancing, but also to remain injury free. She takes a highly personalised approach to each person’s needs and works extremely hard to make sure that the exercise programme supports what you are aiming to do. She has definitely brought out the best in me and I find I am stronger and more flexible as a result. She makes you work hard in a way where you don’t quite realise it and she does all this with a fabulous sense of humour. I would recommend her very highly.

Beth, Northwood, Middlesex


‘Thank you so much Helen for your wonderful classes over the last few years. Your Biomechanics class has really helped me regain my core after childbirth, sickness and everything else life has thrown at me! Your Outdoor Fitness class is the highlight of my week and I always come away feeling inspired and motivated for the week ahead. Exercising in the outdoors with lovely people really is a joy.

With your background and medical knowledge I know I am always in safe hands and by treading a balance between instruction and encouragement you manage to make fitness fun. Long may it continue!’

Emma, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


Just wanted to say how grateful I am to Helen who has worked with me for the past 6 months, after the birth of my 4th child, and helped me lose 10 cms off my hips and 10cm off my waist. I am feeling rather pleased with my efforts but it wouldn’t have been possible without Helen’s guidance and support not only with exercise but also food choices and motivation. My body is in the best shape it has even been.

Jenni B, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


The weather changes, the terrain changes but the constant is you will always have fun and feel great about yourself at the end of the session.

Diane, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


Fantastic all weather workout, mixed with humour and fresh air. Helen pushes you to your own personal limit!

Kate, Chalfont, Buckinghamshire


I’ve had a fantastic time at the outdoor fitness class and can’t believe that I didn’t become involved sooner, my initial trepidation couldn’t have been wider off the mark, it has been an eclectic mix of abilities and personalities and it’s been enjoyable to see everyone develop at their own tempo.
This is certainly no ‘ladies who lunch ‘ walk in the park (I hope not anyway, I’m a man after all) and I’ve very much tried to rise to the challenge.
I’ve tried to push myself and am grateful for Helen’s encouragement as well as the technical advice she has given me to help me get the most out of each session.

I would urge anyone who wants to breathe some new life into their life to get up and get outside. I’m certainly no’ gym junky’ and I’ve found the classes an invaluable addition to improving not only my levels of fitness but my overall feeling of well-being. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Brad, Northwood, Middlesex


I have successfully managed to avoid gyms and exercise classes all my life, until I started the outdoor fitness sessions with Helen. I love being outside in the fresh air and the hour of invigorating exercise flies by. It’s hard work but it’s not competitive. You only do whatever you feel you can do though Helen makes sure you push yourself to your own personal limit. I am buzzing and energised for the rest of the day after the class! Helen knows her stuff too… My hip and the arch of my foot were painful and Helen suggested some simple, easy to do, exercises. I am now pain free! I suspect we all put up with niggles which can be sorted with a few choice exercises….”
easy to do, exercises. I am now pain free! I suspect we all put up with niggles which can be sorted with a few choice exercises….”

Tess, Loudwater, Hertfordshire


Helen has built her business from scratch through talent and sheer hard work. Her classes are uniquely tailored to suit all comers, and yet still challenging to her long time devoted clients! She is always inspiring, always full of new ideas, and always cheerful, even in the freezing cold, or pouring rain! My Fridays would not be the same without her!

Fiona B Loudwater


I joined Helen’s Friday class in Jan 2018. To be completely honest, I was terrified. I was overweight and very unfit but I knew I had to do something about it. Two of my friends who had joined the previous term were raving about Helen’s classes, so I knew I had to give it a try.
My first class was tough but Helen and the group (who are all at varying levels of fitness) were all very lovely and welcoming. I finished the class feeling elated and wanting to come back again.

I had to have surgery in February, but was back again after 2 weeks, which not only helped my physical health but my mental health too. Helen tailors to an array of fitness levels and pushes the individual to their own limits. There’s no slacking off in Helen’s classes!

10 months later my fitness levels are continuing to improve, I’m slimmer and I’m soon to run a 10km! Thank you Helen!

Tugce, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire


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